Administrative Details about the Plans
MMC Benefits Handbook
Administrative Details about the Plans
The following is administrative information about the benefits described in the Benefits Handbook.
Some of the plans are fully insured and some are self-insured, as indicated below. Fully insured means that benefits are provided under an insurance contract with an insurance company. Claims for benefits are sent to the insurance company, which is responsible for paying plan benefits, rather than the Company. (However, the insurance company and the Plan Administrator share responsibility for administering the plan, as discussed below.) Some of the plans are self-insured, as indicated below. This means that there is no insurance company that collects premiums and pays benefits. Instead, participating employees, the Company, or both make contributions to cover the cost of benefits. The Company's payment of benefits may be made by the Company out of its general assets or through a trust established for that purpose. If contributions are required by the participating employees, the Company will determine the amount, in its discretion and in a uniform and consistent manner.
Eligibility for the Plans
Eligible employees of the Company are covered by the employee benefits plans described in this document, as well as employees of any subsidiary or affiliate, as described in the applicable plan eligibility sections of the Benefits Handbook.
You may write to the Plan Administrator for a complete list of the employers that participate in each of the plans.