MMC Benefits Handbook
Spending Accounts
The Marsh McLennan spending account plans benefits include:
Dependent Care FSA Is Not for Healthcare Costs
The Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account is not for covering the costs of your dependents' healthcare. Your dependents healthcare costs can be covered with the healthcare FSAs.
The Dependent Care FSA is for expenses such as day care or elder care for your dependents, so that you can work.
The Medical Option and Health Care FSAs
You cannot use the regular Health Care Flexible Spending Account if you are enrolled in the $1,600 and $3,200 Deductible Plans and the Health Savings Account (HSA). Instead, you have the option to use the Limited Purpose Health Care Flexible Spending Account. If you enroll in the $1,600 Deductible Plan or the $3,200 Deductible Plan, you can use the HSA to cover expenses that the Limited Purpose Health Care FSA cannot cover.
All of these spending account plans help you to save money, by allowing you to set aside money from your pay before most taxes are calculated and withheld, and put that money into an account you can use for certain expenses. You save because you are able to apply money that would otherwise have gone to pay taxes to your expenses.
The Participating in Spending Accounts section describes the rules the Marsh McLennan spending account plans share in common regarding eligibility, enrollment, and other plan provisions that determine how you may participate in the plans.
References in this section to Marsh & McLennan Companies mean Marsh McLennan.