MMC Benefits Handbook
Claims Administrator
Vendor that administers the Plan and processes claims; the vendor's decisions are final and binding.
An amount you pay for a covered service each time you use that service.
Covered Service(s)
See the detailed list of covered vision services covered under the plan.
Covered vision services must be provided:
  • when the plan is in effect
  • prior to the effective date of any of the individual termination conditions set forth in this Summary Plan Description
  • only when the person who receives services is a covered person and meets all eligibility requirements specified in the plan.
Decisions about whether to cover new technologies, procedures and treatments will be consistent with conclusions of prevailing medical research based on well-conducted randomized trials or group studies.
The Claims Administrator determines only the extent to which a service or supply is covered under the plan and not whether the service or supply should be rendered. The coverage determination is made using the descriptions of covered charges included in this section and the Claims Administrator's own internal guidelines. The decision to accept a service or obtain a supply is yours.
Eligible Family Members
To cover an eligible family member, you will be required to certify in the Mercer Marketplace Benefits Enrollment Website that your eligible family member meets the eligibility criteria as defined below.
Spouse/Domestic Partner means:
Adding a spouse or same gender or opposite gender domestic partner to certain benefits coverage is permitted upon employment or during the Annual Enrollment period for coverage effective the following January 1st if you satisfy the plans' criteria, or immediately upon satisfying the plans' criteria if you previously did not qualify.
Spouse / Domestic Partner
  • You have already received a marriage license from a US state or local authority, or registered your domestic partnership with a US state or local authority.
Spouse Only
  • Although not registered with a US state or local authority, your relationship constitutes a marriage under US state or local law (e.g., common law marriage or a marriage outside the US that is honored under US state or local law).
Domestic Partner Only
  • Although not registered with a US state or local authority, your relationship constitutes an eligible domestic partnership. To establish that your relationship constitutes an eligible domestic partnership you and your domestic partner must:
    • be at least 18 years old
    • not be legally married, under federal law, to each other or anyone else or part of another domestic partnership during the previous 12 months
    • currently be in an exclusive, committed relationship with each other that has existed for at least 12 months and is intended to be permanent
    • currently reside together, and have resided together for at least the previous 12 months, and intend to do so permanently
    • have agreed to share responsibility for each other's common welfare and basic financial obligations
    • not be related by blood to a degree of closeness that would prohibit marriage under applicable state law.
Marsh McLennan reserves the right to require documentary proof of your domestic partnership or marriage at any time, for the purpose of determining benefits eligibility. If requested, you must provide documents verifying the registration of your domestic partnership with a state or local authority, your cohabitation and/or mutual commitment, or a marriage license that has been approved by a state or local government authority.
Child/Dependent Child means:
  • your biological child
  • a child for whom you or your spouse are the legally appointed guardian with full financial responsibility
  • the child of a domestic partner
  • your stepchild
  • your legally adopted child or a child or child placed with you for adoption.
Note: Any child that meets one of these eligibility requirements and who is incapable of self support by reason of a total physical or mental disability as determined by the Claims Administrator, may be covered beyond the end of the calendar year in which the child attains age 26.
Dependent children are eligible for healthcare coverage until the end of the calendar year in which they attain age 26. This eligibility provision applies even if your child is married, has access to coverage through his or her employer, doesn't attend school full-time or doesn't live with you, and is not your tax dependent.
Note: While married children are eligible for healthcare coverage under your plan until the end of the calendar year in which they attain age 26, this provision does not apply to your child's spouse and/or child(ren), unless you or your spouse is the child's legally appointed guardian with full financial responsibility.
The Company has the right to require documentation to verify dependency (such as a copy of the court order appointing legal guardianship). Company medical coverage does not cover foster children or other children living with you, including your grandchildren, unless you are their legal guardian with full financial responsibility—that is, you or your spouse claims them as a dependent on your annual tax return.
In-network Providers
Preferred health care providers who have agreed to charge reduced fees to members.
Out-of-network Providers
Health care providers who are not in-network providers.