MMC Benefits Handbook
Supplemental Savings & Investment Plan
The Supplemental Savings & Investment Plan (Plan) is a non-qualified deferred compensation plan that allows eligible employees to accrue benefits for the future and coordinates with the tax-qualified Marsh & McLennan Companies 401(k) Savings & Investment Plan.
Under the Plan, you may elect salary deferrals which are credited on the books of Marsh & McLennan Companies (Company). You can direct your future deferrals into any or all of the Plan's investment lineup. Company Credits are available after you complete one year of vesting service.
This section about the Supplemental Savings & Investment Plan, effective as of January 1, 2024, is a summary of the Supplemental Savings & Investment Plan.
As used throughout this document, "employee," "you" and "your" always mean a US regular or temporary employee (including US expatriates) of Marsh & McLennan Companies or any subsidiary or affiliate of Marsh & McLennan Companies (other than Marsh & McLennan Agency LLC), including any subsidiaries or successors in interest, paid on a US payroll. References in this section to Marsh & McLennan Companies mean Marsh McLennan.
This document uses a number of defined terms. See the "Glossary" for the defined terms' definitions.
This Is Part of a Prospectus
This section, together with the Investment Return Fact Sheet, fund fact sheets and the Administrative Information section also constitute part of a prospectus covering securities that have been registered under the Securities Act of 1933, as amended. See below for more details.
The date of this prospectus is March 27, 2023.
Participants may access certain documents, the annual report and certain other documents, relevant to holding Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc. stock or deferred compensation obligations through the Marsh & McLennan Companies' website, Select the "Investors" tab at the top of the page, to choose a document category such as the annual report and proxy statement or SEC filings (which include quarterly, annual and other periodic reports filed by Marsh & McLennan Companies with the SEC).
Participants may receive, without charge, upon request to the Plan Administrator, any of the above documents that constitute part of the prospectus, as well as a copy of the annual report from Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc., copies of other reports, proxy statements and other communications distributed to Marsh & McLennan Companies' shareholders, and the annual report for the Plan. Copies of the documents described may be obtained from the Plan Administrator at the following address:
Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc.
c/o Global Benefits Department – 31st Floor
1166 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10036
Telephone +1 212 345 5000
A Note about ERISA
Benefits under this Plan are intended to be paid under an arrangement that is an unfunded "excess benefit plan" within the meaning of Section 3(36) of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, as amended ("ERISA"). To the extent benefits are not so paid, such benefits shall be paid under an arrangement that is, for ERISA purposes, unfunded and maintained primarily for the purpose of providing deferred compensation for a select group of management or highly compensated employees.
In the case of any conflict between this description of the Supplemental Savings & Investment Plan and the Plan document, the Plan rules govern.
This Plan is not qualified under Section 401(a) of the Internal Revenue Code.
A Note on Tax Advice
The tax laws are complicated and often change. This summary is not intended to provide personal tax advice to any employee, participant or beneficiary.
All reports and other documents subsequently filed by Marsh & McLennan Companies or the Plan pursuant to Section 13(a), 13(c), 14, 15(d) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended, prior to the filing of a post-effective amendment which indicates that all securities offered have been sold or which deregisters all securities then remaining unsold, also will be deemed to be incorporated into this Plan summary and prospectus from the date of the filing of such reports and documents.