MMC Benefits Handbook
About This Benefits Handbook
The Benefits Handbook on this site describes the Benefits Program available to eligible US employees of Marsh McLennan (the Company) and its participating subsidiaries and affiliates. "The Company" as used throughout this Benefits Handbook usually include participating employers and usually do not include affiliated employers who are not participating employers. Certain subsidiaries and affiliates are excluded from Company benefits, as noted in the applicable benefit plan section.
Please note that certain sections of the Benefits Handbook that describe the Marsh & McLennan Companies 401(k) Savings & Investment Plan, Supplemental Savings & Investment Plan, and Employee Stock Purchase Plan that may provide benefits or compensation based on Company stock, constitute part of a prospectus covering securities that have been registered under the Securities Act of 1933. More details are provided in the relevant sections.
Keep in mind that the descriptions contained in the Benefits Handbook are merely summaries of the legal plan documents (except with respect to the Marsh & McLennan Companies Dental Plan, Marsh & McLennan Companies Flexible Spending Accounts, Marsh & McLennan Companies Health Savings Account, Marsh & McLennan Companies Limited Purpose Flexible Spending Account, Marsh & McLennan Companies Aetna Medical Plan Options, Marsh & McLennan Companies Anthem BlueCross BlueShield Medical Plan Options, Marsh & McLennan Companies Surest Medical Plan Option, and the Marsh & McLennan Companies Long Term Disability Programs—for these plans, the Benefits Handbook material represents the plan document). The summary plan descriptions, which are revised periodically, are intended to provide you with easy-to-understand general explanations of the more significant provisions of your benefit plans.
The Company strives to keep the descriptions up-to-date but, from time to time, plan changes may not be incorporated immediately into the material contained in the Benefits Handbook. If any conflict should arise between the descriptions in this Benefits Handbook and the provisions of the pertinent plans, or if any provision is not explained or only partially explained in these summary plan descriptions, your rights will always be determined under the provisions of the plan documents (and the plan's administrative rules).
The legal plan documents are available for your review at the Marsh McLennan Global Benefits Department, 1166 Avenue of the Americas, 31st Floor, New York, NY 10036 (+1 212 345 5000). The provisions of the plan documents (and any rules), including regarding eligibility, service, entitlement to benefits and the amount of benefits payable, shall be interpreted by the Plan Administrator whose determinations shall be final and binding.
Eligible employees, former employees, retirees and certain other participants or beneficiaries may be required to contribute toward the cost of some benefit plans. Whether any such contribution is required, and the amount of the contribution, can (and should be expected to) change at any time.
While the Company intends to maintain the various plans that comprise the Benefits Program, the Company retains the right to amend or terminate every plan or benefit to the fullest extent allowed by law at any time, as it deems advisable, as to any or all of the employees, retirees, former employees or other participants or beneficiaries who are or may become covered. In fact, as a matter of prudent business planning, the Company periodically reevaluates the Benefits Program. Proposed changes that are periodically considered, if finally approved and implemented, might be more or less advantageous to you than the provisions of the current Program, depending on your individual circumstances. Because of the need for confidentiality, such proposals generally are discussed and evaluated only at the appropriate levels of management. Unless and until these proposals are formally adopted and announced by the Company, they are not binding. The Company may establish the effective date for any changes that are formally adopted.
If you are an employee, former employee, retiree, or a beneficiary of any such individual, or the administrator of the estate of a deceased employee or former employee, you may contact HR Services at +1 866 374 2662, Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Eastern time, with any questions regarding the use of this site including, assistance printing a section of this site or a request to receive a hardcopy of such section.
In this section references to Marsh & McLennan Companies mean Marsh McLennan.