MMC Benefits Handbook
About Plan Coverage
Healthcare Plans
Important Information About Your Personal Health Information
  • The Company does not collect, maintain, or report on any personal health information pertaining to you or any covered dependents.
  • As a participant in our health plan, your personal health information is protected by federal law.
  • Our medical Third Party Administrators (or carriers with respect to the insured programs) are required to protect your personal health information in accordance with federal law and data privacy agreements with the Company and/or plan fiduciaries.
  • Please note that states seeking to prohibit or limit certain services covered under Company-sponsored plans might attempt to challenge your right to privacy under federal law.  If a state's legal challenge is successful, there may be legal consequences associated with you procuring a service covered under a Company-sponsored plan that is or may become prohibited or limited under state law.  If you have any questions regarding potential risks, please seek professional legal advice.
If You No Longer Satisfy the Plan's Eligibility Requirements
Your plan coverage ends on the date you no longer satisfy the plan's eligibility requirements. Coverage for eligible family members ends when yours does.
When your Company plan coverage ends, COBRA coverage may be available, as described in the Participation sections of the Benefits Handbook.
If You Die
If you die while you are an active employee with employee only, employee + spouse, employee + child(ren) or family coverage, your covered family members can continue to be covered (with Company subsidy) for up to 12 months if they pay the contribution required for family members. When this period ends, your eligible family members may be eligible for coverage under COBRA. For information on COBRA, see the Participation section of the Benefits Handbook.
If Your Family Member Loses Eligibility Status
If your family member no longer meets the eligibility requirements, his or her coverage under the plan ends.
It is your responsibility to cancel coverage when a family member is no longer eligible. No refund of contributions will be paid beyond the date eligibility ceases.
Family members who lose coverage under the Company plans may be eligible for coverage under COBRA provisions described in the Participation sections of the Benefits Handbook.
If You Become Disabled
During a period of approved disability, your plan coverage will continue for you and your covered family members. Your deductibles and out-of-pocket limits will continue at the same level as at the time your disability began. During a period of approved short-term disability, your employee contributions for coverage will be deducted from your short-term disability benefit on a before-tax basis. During a period of approved long-term disability, it is your responsibility to pay any contributions due for plan coverage on an after-tax basis.
If You Have an Authorized Unpaid Leave of Absence
If the Company grants you an authorized unpaid leave of absence, medical coverage for you and your family members may continue for the duration of your authorized period of leave. It is your responsibility to pay any employee contributions due on an after-tax basis. (If your leave is covered by the Family and Medical Leave Act, you may prepay certain contributions on a before-tax basis by authorizing a lump-sum payroll deduction prior to the start of your leave.)
If you elect to revoke coverage and you return to employment, your participation will be reinstated automatically in the same benefit option in effect before you left, on the same terms as prior to taking the leave, subject to any changes in benefit levels that may have taken place while you were on leave.
If You Leave and Are Rehired
If you leave salaried employment and are rehired as a salaried employee within 30 days in the same calendar year, your participation will be reinstated automatically with the same before-tax contributions in effect before you left.
If the Company Ends the Benefit
While the Company intends to maintain the plans, the Company reserves the right to terminate or amend these plans, in whole or part, at any time and for any reason as it deems advisable, as to any and all employees covered. In fact, as a matter of prudent business planning, the Company periodically evaluates the plans. If the Company ends a benefit under the plan or terminates the plan, your coverage for that benefit or under the plan, as applicable, ends on that date.