MMC Benefits Handbook
Traffic and Criminal Matters
Juvenile Court Defense
This service covers the defense of your dependent child in any juvenile court matter, provided there is no conflict of interest with you, the employee, in which case this service provides an attorney for you only. There can be a conflict between an employee and juvenile if the employee is the cause of the child's problem. An example of this is truancy. A juvenile could be in court for failure to go to school but it could be the parent's fault. This leads to a conflict. The legal plan in this situation would cover the employee not the juvenile.
Traffic Ticket Defense (No DUI)
This service covers representation of the Participant in defense of any traffic ticket except driving under influence or vehicular homicide, including court hearings, negotiation with the prosecutor, trial and sentencing.
DUI Consultation
This service covers advice and consultation for a driving under the influence charge (DUI) and restoring a driver's license, which was suspended as a result of a DUI charge whether in traffic or any other court. This service does not cover representation for the defense of a DUI charge.
Restoration of Driving Privileges
This service covers your representation in proceedings to restore your driving license.
(Includes license suspension due to DUI).
Misdemeanor Defense
This service covers representation in defense of any criminal misdemeanor charge except those relating to traffic or driving under influence charges. Representation includes court hearings, negotiation with the prosecutor, trial and sentencing. It does not include representation of a felony charge, which is more serious than a misdemeanor charge, which is subsequently reduced to a misdemeanor. This service also does not cover any post-sentencing proceeding, probation violation hearing or appeals by either party.