MMC Benefits Handbook
Consumer Protection
Consumer Protection Matters
This service covers you as a plaintiff, for representation, including trial, in disputes over consumer goods and services where the amount being contested exceeds the small claims court limit in that jurisdiction. The controversy must be evidenced by a written document such as a sales slip, contract, note or warranty. This service does not include disputes over real estate, construction, insurance or collection activities after a judgment.
Personal Property Protection
This service covers counseling the Participant over the phone or in the office on any personal property issue such as consumer credit reports, contracts for the purchase of personal property, consumer credit agreements or installment sales agreements. Counseling on pursuing or defending small claims actions is also included. The service also includes reviewing any personal legal documents and preparing promissory notes, affidavits and demand letters.
Small Claims Assistance
This service covers counseling you on prosecuting a small claims action; helping you prepare documents; advising you on evidence, documentation and witnesses; and preparing you for trial. The service does not include the plan attorney's attendance or representation at the small claims trial, collection activities after a judgment or any services relating to post-judgment actions.