MMC Benefits Handbook
How the Plan Works
This Plan gives you and your family access to professional legal representation through a panel of network attorneys for issues ranging from consumer protection to family law to wills and estate planning. Or you may use an out-of-network attorney and be reimbursed according to a set fee schedule.
The Plan is administered by MetLife Legal Plans.
Once you are enrolled in the Plan, you may:
Visit the MetLife website at or Colleague Connect at Click Pay & Benefits and select Mercer Voluntary Benefits under Benefits to find a conveniently located attorney by using a zip code, city or county search. You can also find attorneys based on the specific legal service you require. You can also obtain a case number on the website to give to the attorney.
If you call, a client service representative will give you the address and the telephone number of the plan attorney or attorneys located most conveniently to you, as well as a case number. Once you have this information, you may contact the plan attorney to schedule an appointment.
Or, if you prefer, you may use an out-of-network attorney and be reimbursed according to a set fee schedule.
To find out more information about Group Legal Plans and the services they offer visit the American Prepaid Legal Services Institute's (API) website.
The American Prepaid Legal Services Institute (API) is an American Bar Association organization. MetLife Legal Plans is a member of the API and its executives are active participants.
Does the Plan cover legal services I receive outside of the United States?
Yes. Coverage outside of the United States is available as an out-of-network service. You will be reimbursed according to a set fee schedule in US dollars.
If I have an authorized unpaid leave of absence, does the Plan still provide a benefit?
You may continue the Legal Assistance Plan for up to 30 months, provided you pay the required contributions.
If I become disabled, does the Plan still provide a benefit?
Contact the Claims Administrator for details.
If I Die
Your Legal Assistance Plan coverage ends when you die. Your spouse or domestic partner can elect to continue coverage for 30 months on an individual basis when your coverage ends. They must pay the full fee in advance of receiving any services. Refer to the Plan's "When Coverage Ends" for more information.
If I No Longer Satisfy the Plan's Eligibility Requirements
Your Legal Assistance Plan coverage ends the day you no longer satisfy the Plan's eligibility requirements. You can convert your Legal Assistance Plan coverage to an individual plan within 12 months of your termination by contacting the Claims Administrator and making the required payment within 31 calendar days of your coverage end date. Any case that is open and pending when coverage ends will be covered to completion.