MMC Benefits Handbook
Coordination with Other Plans
How are other plans' benefits coordinated with benefits under this plan?
Benefits coordination is unnecessary for this Plan. The Legal Assistance Plan will provide services to a Marsh McLennan employee who elects the Legal Assistance Plan coverage regardless of whether your spouse or domestic partner has a plan through his or her employer, as long as an attorney-client relationship does not already exist for that particular legal matter.
How are plan benefits coordinated with the Employee Assistance Program?
The benefits under the Legal Assistance Plan and Employee Assistance Program are not coordinated.
The Employee Assistance Program offers you a referral to an attorney for a free 30-minute consultation by telephone.
The Legal Assistance Plan provides in-network attorneys for fully covered legal services for which you pay no attorney fees and provides reimbursement (up to the amount on the fee schedule) for out-of-network attorneys.