MMC Benefits Handbook
Identity Theft Support
To help manage the recovery process after an identity theft event, the Employee Assistance Program offers you a referral for a free 60-minute consultation, with a fraud resolution specialist.
The fraud resolution specialist will:
  • counsel you on seven emergency response activities, including how to notify the proper authorities, agencies and creditors
  • provide forms or letters to help you report and itemize each fraudulent occurrence
  • advise you on how you can dispute fraudulent debts, obtain and monitor your credit report every four months, place a fraud alert or credit freeze (if allowed by state law) on your credit file and take future preventative measures.
Note: The benefits of the Employee Assistance Program are not coordinated with the benefits of the Identity Theft Protection Benefit Program, which the Company offers as an elective benefit. For additional information regarding the Identity Theft Protection Benefit Program, see the Identity Protection Benefit Program in the Voluntary Offerings section under Employee Programs and Policies.
For more information, contact Cigna Behavioral Health (CBH) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling +1 800 382 3432.