MMC Benefits Handbook
Legal Assistance
The Employee Assistance Program offers you a referral for a free 60-minute consultation, either by telephone or in person, with a network attorney in a private practice.
Note: Legal assistance does not include consultation on Employment or Labor Law, Immigration Law, Workers Compensation, Patent, Corporate, or Business Law.
The attorney will:
  • evaluate the merits of your case
  • make a referral if necessary
  • act as your attorney if you wish on a fee for service basis
  • discuss viable alternative courses of action.
Each consultation is 60 minutes. Services beyond the initial consultation will require your payment. You may use the program for as many different legal matters as you wish. One free consultation will be provided for each legal matter.
If you need legal assistance beyond the initial consultation, you may choose a network attorney and enjoy reduced rates (typically a 25% discount, depending on the services required).
Note: The benefits of the Employee Assistance Program are not coordinated with the benefits of the Legal Assistance Plan, which the Company offers as an elective benefit. If you are thinking about obtaining legal assistance through the EAP beyond the initial consultation, you may wish to compare services and cost to those under the Legal Assistance Plan. See the Legal Assistance Plan in the Voluntary Benefits section under Employee Programs and Policies.
For more information, contact Cigna Behavioral Health (CBH) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling +1 800 382 3432.