MMC Benefits Handbook
The Program at a Glance
The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) can help you manage your life by providing you with resources to help you through a difficult time. The chart below contains some important program features. For more information, see "How the Program Works."
Program Feature
How the Program Works
  • The EAP provides confidential personal counseling to employees, family members and any household members who are dealing with difficult issues.
  • You may speak with a Cigna EAP counselor at any time, day or night, to address issues. Employees can seek help for any reason, crisis or non-urgent.
  • Telephonic consultations are unlimited when you speak with a Cigna EAP counselor over the telephone at no cost to you.
  • Up to five sessions per issue, per eligible member, per year with a Cigna EAP counselor—whether conducted in person or via video-based telehealth — are provided at no cost to you.
  • See "How the Program Works" for details.
  • You are eligible to participate in this program if you meet the eligibility requirements set forth below.
  • See "Participating in the Program" for details.
Family and Household Member Eligibility
  • Your family and household members can use the Employee Assistance Program if they meet the eligibility requirements described below.
  • See "Participating in the Program" for details.
  • Coverage is automatic.
  • There is no cost to you for using the Employee Assistance Program. If the program provides referrals to other services, you are responsible for paying for any services you choose.
  • Services are completely confidential. The Company isn't told if you contact the EAP.
  • Your family and household members' calls are also confidential—even you will not be notified if any member of your family or household contacts the EAP.
  • See "How the Program Works" for details.
Contact Information
For more information, contact:
Cigna Behavioral Health (CBH), 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Phone: +1 800 382 3432
The Employer ID to access the site is: mmc. The Employer ID is needed only for initial registration. Under "What best describes you", select "I want to register for the Employee Assistance Program ONLY". Upon registration, create a userid and password.
Marsh McLennan does not administer this program. Cigna Behavioral Health's (CBH) decisions are final and binding.