MMC Benefits Handbook
Commuter Cards
Transit and Parking funds are loaded onto one card and are stored as separate buckets of transit and parking funds. The Commuter Card delivers savings and convenience when you pay for eligible transit and parking expenses as part of your commute. You can elect Transit and/or Parking to be loaded to your Commuter Card via or by contacting customer service at +1 877 924 3967, 24/7 (excluding Federal holidays).
Your Commuter Card is valid at providers that accept VISA credit or debit cards. Your card is only valid for eligible transit and parking expenses under IRS rules. Please keep in mind that under the IRS rules for Commuter plans, the allowed spend is different for transit then it is for parking. For transit funds, the total cost of your purchase will be deducted from the available pre-tax dollars and then if needed and available from your post tax dollars. Parking funds will only allow you to spend up to the pre-tax limit ($315 in 2024) in a calendar month regardless of the amount of pre-tax dollars in your parking funding.
In the event that you leave the Company, there is a special rule for transit funding that allows you to spend down the transit funding on your Commuter Card for 90 days before the transit funding is turned off. Once the parking funding on the Commuter Card is turned off, any pre-tax dollars will be forfeited. The parking funds on the Commuter Card are required to be turned off and any pre-tax dollars forfeited as of the day HealthEquity is notified of your departure from the Company.