MMC Benefits Handbook
How the Plan Works
The Transportation Reimbursement Incentive Program is a commuter benefit that allows Company employees to:
  • elect transit passes in more than 150 metropolitan areas across the US or have their monthly parking fees paid directly.
  • pay for their transit pass or parking fees through payroll deductions with before-tax dollars (subject to plan limits), which could translate into a potential tax savings on their commuting expenses.
  • have their transit pass delivered to their home address.
  • enroll via the Internet or the telephone.
  • sign up for regular subscriptions or different benefits each month (in other words, you can change your request each month).
If you commute to work, you may want to consider TRIP, especially if you:
  • ride public transportation, including buses, trains and subways.
  • participate in a vanpool.
  • pay to park at work or at a park-and-ride lot.
TRIP is administered by HealthEquity, a leading provider of commuter benefits programs to employers.
When you enroll in the Transportation Reimbursement Incentive Program, you establish an account with HealthEquity that is replenished each month through payroll deductions. HealthEquity uses that account to buy your transit pass, pay for your qualified parking, or reimburse you for qualified expenses based on the arrangements you make when you enroll. You can change your arrangement every month, if you wish.