MMC Benefits Handbook
Managing Your Elections
My transit or parking provider is not currently available in the HealthEquity catalog. Will my provider be added at a later date?
You are encouraged to notify HealthEquity of transit and parking providers that are not included in its catalog. HealthEquity will then contact the provider and attempt to establish a relationship. Of course, you can still use HealthEquity even if your provider is not included in the catalog.
What if my transit provider increases fares?
Once HealthEquity is notified of the fare increase, in most cases your election will be increased automatically to reflect the increased fare. If you are enrolled in New York City-area's Metro-North or the Long Island Railroad (LIRR) Mail&Ride program you may need to increase your election to reflect the increased fare. See Enrolling Online in the "Enrollment" section starting for details.
Due to unanticipated circumstances, I incurred transit or parking expenses this month that I was unable to account for beforehand with HealthEquity. Can I be reimbursed for these unforeseen expenses even though I missed the pre-pay deadline?
No. According to IRS regulations, all before-tax transit and parking expenses must be elected and pre-paid prior to the benefit month. Unless you account for anticipated reimbursement expenses beforehand by setting aside a specified dollar amount prior to the monthly deadline in your HealthEquity account, you cannot be reimbursed for your expense. Keep in mind that if you do not submit for reimbursement for the money you set aside for "Pay Me Back" within 180 days of making an election, you will forfeit the remaining balance. You have the option to submit for reimbursement with or without a receipt. If you choose to submit for reimbursement without a receipt – make sure you have selected that specific radio button that indicates you are submitting with no receipt and also check the box to attest that you have incurred a parking expense when prompted.
I pay for my parking up front once a year, but TRIP asks for a monthly contribution. How do I use TRIP's "Pay Me Back" feature?
In order to pre-pay for your parking with before-tax dollars using TRIP, you must prorate your long-term parking expenses on a monthly basis. For example, let's say you pre-paid $1,200 per year to park at work. If you divide $1,200 by 12, your monthly parking expense comes to $100. You can use HealthEquity "Pay Me Back" feature to input a monthly parking expense of $100, either one month at a time, or for every month.
I recently received a call from a HealthEquity representative questioning my order. Why did I receive this call?
If HealthEquity believes you haven't found the transit pass you were looking for—for instance, you've chosen the "Pay Me Back" feature to order a transit pass, a representative will call you to suggest another transit option. Under IRS regulations, when a transit pass is readily available, it must be delivered directly to you in order for you to qualify for before-tax benefits. If a transit pass is included in the HealthEquity catalog, you are required to order the pass directly, rather than use the "Pay Me Back" feature. Of course, if your transit provider and/or transit pass option is not included in the HealthEquity catalog and your only option is to use the "Pay Me Back" feature, reimbursement is perfectly acceptable.