MMC Benefits Handbook
Cost of Coverage
You pay the full cost of coverage for the Legal Assistance Plan. There is one flat rate for yourself and your eligible family members if you elect coverage under the Plan. The cost per paycheck (including all eligible family members) is listed below.
Semi-monthly Cost
Weekly Cost
Legal Assistance Plan
Legal Assistance Plan Plus Parents
Will my cost change?
Your costs for legal plan coverage may change. Generally, these changes may occur each January 1.
The Company reserves the right to change the amount you are required to contribute at any time.
Do I pay for my coverage with before-tax or after-tax dollars?
You pay for your Legal Assistance Plan coverage with after-tax dollars.
How do I pay for coverage if I take an unpaid leave of absence?
Coverage may continue during the leave of absence provided you pay the required contributions. Payroll deductions for coverage will resume when you return to active employment.
How do I pay for coverage if I take a paid leave of absence?
Coverage will remain in effect. Your cost for coverage will continue to be withheld from your pay.
Am I responsible for a copayment when I visit a plan attorney?
No. However, if you receive services from an out-of-network attorney, you must pay the out-of-network attorney's fees and you will be reimbursed according to a set fee schedule.
Do I have to satisfy a deductible to use the Plan?
No, there are no deductibles under this Plan.