MMC Benefits Handbook
Family Eligibility
Once you enroll in the Legal Assistance Plan your eligible family members are automatically enrolled.
Your family members can use the Legal Assistance Plan. A family member is your:
  • domestic partner
  • child for whom you are the legal guardian
  • child of a domestic partner
  • legally adopted child
  • biological child
  • spouse
  • stepchild.
Dependent children are eligible for coverage until the end of the calendar year in which they attain age 26. This eligibility provision applies even if your child is married, doesn't attend school full-time or live with you, and is not your tax dependent.
The Company has the right to require documentation to verify the relationship (such as a copy of the court order appointing legal guardianship). Company medical coverage does not cover foster children or other children living with you, including your grandchildren, unless you are their legal guardian with full financial responsibility—that is, you or your spouse claims them as a dependent on your annual tax return.
My spouse/domestic partner and I both work for the Company; what coverage options do we have?
You can cover your spouse or domestic partner as a family member under your plan, or your spouse or domestic partner can elect separate employee coverage. You or your spouse or domestic partner can't be covered as both an employee and a family member under the Company's Legal Assistance Plan.
How long can I cover my child?
Generally, you can cover your child through the end of the calendar year in which your child reaches age 26. You may be able to extend coverage for your child after the end of the calendar year in which your child attains age 26, as long as your child is disabled. Once your child reaches the maximum age for coverage or no longer meets the eligibility requirements (whichever comes first), your child's coverage will stop. If your child continues to be disabled over the limiting age, your child may still be eligible to continue coverage as discussed below.
You can cover your disabled child over the limiting age. To be eligible for coverage, your child has to be an unmarried child incapable of self support by reason of a total mental or physical disability.
Are additional services available to individuals not defined as eligible family members?
Yes. The Legal Assistance Plan offers optional personal legal services to the following individuals for an additional fee:
  • Your parents
  • Your stepparents
  • Your parents-in-law
  • Your domestic partner's parents or stepparents.
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