MMC Benefits Handbook
Changing Your Deferrals
Once you elect a deferral rate, you may not change your election or stop your deferrals during the Plan year. The final election on file at the close of the Annual Enrollment period will be the deferral rate for the year. You will not be able to stop or change the deferral for the remainder of the Plan year.
During Annual Enrollment (usually held during the fourth quarter of the year) you may make a new election for the following year if you remain eligible for the Plan.
A confirmation number will be provided once you have completed your annual election. To complete your annual election, go to Colleague Connect ( Select Pay & Benefits, and click My Pay & Benefits, select Transamerica under Savings & Financial Planning. A confirmation statement will be emailed to the address on file, if any, or mailed to the address on file, generally within two business days from the date of your request.