MMC Benefits Handbook
Your Deferrals If You Take an Unpaid Leave of Absence or Go on Long Term Disability
Your deferrals (as well as any Company credits) will automatically stop when you take an unpaid leave of absence or go on long term disability. If you return from an unpaid leave of absence (within six months or longer period required by law or contract) or long term disability within the same Plan year, your deferral election automatically will resume, and there will be no retroactive deferrals or Company credits for the period of your leave. If you do not make a new investment direction election, your prior notional investment direction elections that were in effect at the time you went on an unpaid leave of absence or long term disability will be followed.
If you are on an unpaid leave of absence or long term disability during an Annual Enrollment period, information will be forwarded to you instructing you about how to make an election for the Supplemental Savings & Investment Plan during Annual Enrollment for the upcoming Plan year. Your new election will become effective upon your return to active status within that upcoming Plan year.