MMC Benefits Handbook
Directing, Reallocating and Valuing Notional Investment Options
You can direct the notional investment of future deferrals and your Company Credits. You can make an investment direction election for your future Company credits. This election can be different from your notional investment direction election for your employee deferrals.
If you do not make an active election, your employee deferrals and Company credits will automatically be credited with the return of one of the BlackRock LifePath Dynamic Funds (the BlackRock LifePath Dynamic Fund that most closely matches your retirement year – based on the Plans' normal retirement age of 65).
Company credit balances can be reallocated or transferred at any time, except for amounts notionally invested in notional shares of Marsh & McLennan Companies stock. Amounts invested in notional shares of Marsh & McLennan Companies stock including Company credit balances, cannot be reallocated. You may make one change per calendar month to your notional investment allocation of your account.
You can monitor changes to the value of your Supplemental Savings & Investment Plan account balance daily. Your account will be valued on a daily basis.
Changes in the notional investment directions of future deferrals and Company credits must be submitted by 4 p.m. Eastern time one business day prior to the pay date.
Fund reallocations of existing deferrals and Company Credits must be submitted by 4 p.m. Eastern time to take effect the same day.