MMC Benefits Handbook
Disability Review Process
Once Leave Management determines that you are eligible to participate in the STD Benefits Payroll Policy (as described under "Filing a Claim"), the Leave Management representative sends you the appropriate documents for you and your health care provider to complete, and then you send all necessary documentation to The Hartford at the address noted in the documents. The Hartford makes all other determinations including the determination whether you have a serious health condition, whether you qualify to receive benefits under the STD Benefits Payroll Policy and the duration of STD benefits. The details of this process are described below.
An Ability Analyst and, when appropriate, a Clinical Case Manager, at The Hartford (Claims Representative) will review the medical information provided by your health care provider in light of your job duties to determine whether the claim meets the requirements for STD Benefits.
The Claims Representative will review the claim throughout the time out of work for a serious health condition and will, when appropriate, periodically check with you and/or your health care provider to assess progress. Your health care provider may be asked to complete an Attending Physician's Statement issued by The Hartford and/or the health care provider may be asked to speak with a representative of The Hartford.
If the Claims Representative's request for information from you and/or your health care provider concerning your serious health condition at issue is not satisfied in the time frame set by the Claims Representative, Leave Management will inform you in writing that your documentation was not received. You will have seven (7) calendar days to either submit the appropriate documentation or return to work. If neither of this occurs, you will be deemed to have voluntarily resigned your employment, and will be treated accordingly. In addition, if you have been paid for time out of work that was not approved by the Claims Representative, Leave Management will apply any accrued unused paid time (e.g., vacation, PTO, Sick Days) to offset this overpayment and you will be required to repay any remaining overpayment.
As the claim progresses, the Claims Representative may adjust the anticipated return-to-work date or consider modified work hours or duties.