MMC Benefits Handbook
Returning to Work
The Claims Representative will provide you with an estimated to return to work date based on the medical information provided by your health care provider. Once you receive this notification, you must have your health care provider complete the Return to Work form supplied by Leave Management in the initial application paperwork. The completed Return to Work form must be returned to Leave Management on or before your return to work date, and you may not return to work without providing this form to Leave Management. If you have been cleared to return to work but cannot return because you have not provided a Return to Work form to Leave Management, you will need to use paid entitlements (e.g., vacation, PTO, Sick Days) to cover that day.
If you are unable to return to work on the expected work day, you must notify The Hartford as soon as you are aware. The Hartford may require additional medical information to support an extension.
In addition, you must also contact your manager in advance to inform him/her of the return to work date.