MMC Benefits Handbook
Duration and Coverage Level of STD Benefits
Your STD Benefit is based upon your base salary on your first day of absence from work and your years of service. For purposes of calculating STD Benefits, base salary does not include overtime, bonuses, commissions, salary increases that have been communicated but are not yet effective, or other extra compensation.
Any STD Benefits you are eligible to receive from the STD Benefits Payroll Policy are offset (reduced) by disability income you may receive from any of the following sources:
  • federal, state and local government disability benefits
  • Social Security disability income;
  • benefit payments from Marsh & McLennan Companies' US Retirement Plan or the retirement plan of any of its subsidiaries;
  • other income replacement payments as a result of your disability;
  • another employer's disability income payment;
  • no-fault automobile insurance; and/or
  • the portion of a settlement or judgment, minus associated costs, of a lawsuit that represents or compensates for the employee's loss of earnings.
Even if your STD Benefits are reduced because you are receiving income from one or more of these sources, your total disability income from all sources will never be less than the total income that you are eligible to receive under the STD Benefits Payroll Policy.