MMC Benefits Handbook
To the maximum extent permitted by law, Marsh McLennan is entitled to equitable or other permitted remedies, including a lien or constructive trust, to recover any amounts received as a result of a judgment, settlement or other means of compensation for conditions or injuries which have resulted in the payment of benefits under this STD Benefits Payroll Policy. This will include, but is not limited to, damages for pain and suffering and lost income.
Marsh McLennan is entitled to recover these amounts from you; any covered family member or beneficiary, or any other person holding them, up to the amount of all payments made or payable in the future plus costs of recovery. Marsh McLennan has a priority interest in any and all funds recovered in any full or partial recovery, including funds intended to compensate for attorney's fees and other expenses.
As a condition of receiving benefits under this STD Benefits Payroll Policy, you agree that:
  • you will promptly notify Leave Management of any settlement negotiations, settlement, or judgment in any litigation related to an event or condition for which you have received, or expect to receive, benefits under this STD Benefits Payroll Policy, and
  • future benefits, even for an unrelated event or condition, may be reduced by the amount of any judgment or settlement, or similar compensation which Marsh McLennan would be entitled to under the rules above but is unable to recover.