MMC Benefits Handbook
Eligible Children
Can I cover my dependent child?
You can cover:
  • your legally adopted child
  • your biological child
  • your stepchild
  • the child of a domestic partner
  • a foster or proposed adopted child from the moment of placement in your home
Note: Any child that meets one of these eligibility requirements and who is incapable of self support by reason of a total physical or mental disability as determined by National Union, may be covered beyond the end of the calendar year in which the child attains age 26. Proof of the dependent child's disability may be requested within 31 days after the child reaches the age limit and on an annual basis. If proof is not provided within 31 days of the request, coverage for the dependent child will not be extended.
For your child to be covered, your child must be:
  • dependent on you for maintenance and support,
  • unmarried, and
  • under 26 years of age.
The Company has the right to require documentation to verify the relationship (such as a copy of the court order appointing legal guardianship). Company Voluntary AD&D coverage does not cover foster children or other children living with you, including your grandchildren, unless you are their legal guardian with full financial responsibility—that is, you or your spouse claims them as a dependent on your annual tax return.
When is my child eligible for coverage?
A newborn biological child is eligible for coverage at birth. A legally adopted child is eligible for coverage on the day the adoption is legally finalized. A stepchild is eligible for coverage upon marriage of his or her parent. A foster child is eligible for coverage from the moment of placement in your home. A proposed adopted child will be considered an adopted child during any waiting period prior to the finalization of the child's adoption, provided such child is primarily dependent on you for support and maintenance during such waiting period.
How long can I cover my child?
Generally, you can cover your child through the end of the calendar year in which your child reaches age 26. You may be able to extend coverage for your child after age 26:
  • if the child is incapable of self-sustaining employment by reason of mental illness, developmental disability, or physical handicap and dependent upon you for support and maintenance.
Once your child reaches the maximum age for coverage or no longer meets the eligibility requirements (whichever comes first), your child's coverage will stop.
If your child no longer meets the eligibility requirements above, you must remove your child from coverage by going to Colleague Connect ( Click Pay & Benefits and select Mercer Marketplace Benefits Enrollment Website under Benefits. No refund of contributions will be paid beyond the date eligibility ceases, and no benefit will be paid if your child dies or becomes dismembered as a result of an accident.
I am divorced and do not have sole custody of my child; can I still cover my child?
You can still cover your child under the Plan as long as the child meets the eligibility requirements.
Can I cover my grandchild?
You can't cover your grandchild under this Plan unless you are the legally appointed guardian or you have legally adopted the child.
Can I cover my disabled child?
You can cover your disabled child over the limiting age. To be eligible for coverage, your child has to be an unmarried child incapable of self support by reason of a total mental or physical disability.
The child also has to have been covered under this Plan before the limiting age.
The child's disability has to begin before the date eligibility would otherwise end.
At time of claim, National Union will request proof of disability to determine eligibility if the child was over age 26.
Can I cover my married child who is still dependent on me?
You can't cover your married child, even if the child is still dependent on you.
My spouse also works for the Company; can we both cover our child?
If both you and your spouse work for the Company, only one spouse may enroll in the family plan option. The other spouse must enroll in the Employee only option. Also, your child has to meet the eligibility requirements.
My child also works for the Company and is enrolled in the plan with Employee Only coverage; can I still cover my child as a dependent under the Family Plan?
If you and your child are eligible to enroll for coverage under this Plan, you may cover your child under the Family Plan as long as they meet the eligibility listed under "Eligible Children." Your child may also elect their own coverage under the plan as an eligible employee. The maximum benefit paid out for both the employee and child will not exceed $2 million.