MMC Benefits Handbook
When Coverage Ends
Coverage ends on the first of the following to occur:
  • the date of your death
  • the date the Plan is terminated
  • the date you no longer meet the eligibility requirements
  • the date you discontinue coverage
  • the last date worked.
Can I convert my coverage to an individual policy when my coverage ends?
You can convert your Voluntary AD&D coverage. To apply for conversion to an individual policy, you must contact AIG c/o Reuben Warner Associates at +1 800 421 3005 ext. 320. The minimum benefit is $100,000 and the maximum benefit is $500,000 in coverage. You may convert your Voluntary AD&D policy to an individual plan at standard insurance company rates by applying and making the premium payments to the insurance company within 31 days from the date coverage ends.
When does my individual policy take effect?
Your individual policy takes effect on the later of the date the coverage ends or the date the application and premium payment are received by the insurance company.
Do I need Evidence of Insurability to convert to an individual policy?
You don't have to provide Evidence of Insurability to convert to an individual policy.