MMC Benefits Handbook
Changes While on COBRA
Can I make changes in my COBRA coverage during Annual Enrollment?
Yes, you can make changes to your COBRA coverage during Annual Enrollment. You can make the same changes to coverage you would if you were an active employee. For example, you can elect a different medical or dental plan if available in your resident location. When making changes, make sure to complete the enrollment form and return it as the form instructs.
Once I enroll in COBRA can I change plans if I relocate?
You can change plans if you move out of your medical service area after you choose your COBRA coverage. You have to notify the Company's COBRA Administrator within 30 calendar days of the date of your relocation.
How do I change my address if I move?
Once you are on COBRA, contact the Company's COBRA Administrator to register an address change. You may also want to notify your Human Resources representative as well so the Company's records will remain accurate.