MMC Benefits Handbook
When Coverage Ends
Company healthcare coverage ends on the first of the following to occur:
  • the date you discontinue coverage
  • the last date you've paid contributions (if you do not make the required contributions)
  • the date you no longer meet the eligibility requirements
  • the date you terminate your employment
  • the date of your death
  • the date the Plan is terminated.
What happens to my active employee medical coverage upon termination of employment if I am eligible to participate in retiree medical coverage?
If you (and your eligible family members) are enrolled in active employee medical coverage, active employee medical coverage for you and your eligible family members ends on the last day of the month in which you terminate employment. If you are eligible to participate in retiree medical coverage, you will be given an opportunity to enroll immediately following your termination of employment or defer your Company retiree medical coverage enrollment to some time in the future. If you defer, no immediate action is required at termination unless you which to elect COBRA.
Can I continue coverage through COBRA?
Yes, you can continue coverage under the Company-sponsored plans if you experience a COBRA qualifying event and register your event within the legally allowable time frame.
If you terminate and are eligible to retire, the COBRA administrator, My Benefits Service Center, will automatically mail a package, including a COBRA election form and an explanation of your COBRA rights to your home address on file. If you wish to elect COBRA coverage, you must complete your election form and return it to My Benefits Service Center within your 60-day COBRA election period.
Can my domestic partner (or the child(ren) of my domestic partner) continue coverage through COBRA?
Although not legally required to do so, Marsh McLennan extends COBRA continuation coverage to domestic partners of Marsh McLennan employees and/or their dependent children who are eligible for coverage under the Company-sponsored plans. (A few medical plans may not extend COBRA to domestic partners or their children; refer to the specific medical plan sections to learn about COBRA medical availability.)
This coverage may be changed or terminated by the Company at any time.