MMC Benefits Handbook
When COBRA Coverage Ends
COBRA coverage can end for you or a covered family member (as applicable) on the first of the following to occur:
  • the last day of your allowable COBRA continuation period
  • you fail to make a payment within 30 days of the due date (you are permitted 45 days to make your initial COBRA payment)
  • you become covered under another group health plan after making the COBRA election that does not have any pre-existing condition exclusion or limitation that applies to you
  • the day you first become covered by Medicare after making the COBRA election
  • the Company stops offering all group health plans
  • for extended disability coverage, the first of the month that begins at least 30 days after the date you are no longer considered disabled for Social Security purposes
  • you engage in misconduct, such as submitting fraudulent claims.
Coverage Extensions
You can have a coverage extension in the following cases:
  • A second qualifying event, such as divorce or a child's loss of dependent status may occur while coverage is being continued for the 18-month COBRA coverage period. If this happens, the spouse and the children already receiving continuation coverage may be eligible for additional months of coverage, up to a maximum of 36 months from the date of the original qualifying event.
  • Disability extension: if the Social Security Administration issues a determination that you or another qualified family member is "disabled" at the time of or within 60 calendar days of the COBRA qualifying event due to your termination of coverage or reduction in hours, you may qualify for up to an additional 11 months of COBRA coverage, or up to a total of 29 months of COBRA coverage.
Continuing Coverage after COBRA Ends
Can I continue my coverage once my COBRA ends?
If you or a covered family member's COBRA coverage ends as a result of the expiration of the maximum coverage period, the group health plan must, during the 180-day period ending on the COBRA coverage expiration date, provide you or your covered family member the option of enrolling in a conversion health plan (i.e., and individual policy) if this option is otherwise available to similarly-situated non-COBRA beneficiaries under the group health plan. Your costs won't be based on the Company's group rates, and the Company won't have any involvement with your coverage.
Note: You may also have certain legal rights to convert to an individual policy after your group coverage ends. However, no conversion option is offered under MetLife Dental Plan. If you have HMO coverage, you should contact your plan's Claims Administrator to find out if a conversion policy is offered when COBRA coverage ends.
Health Plan No Longer Offered
What if the Company stops offering the group health plan under which I elected COBRA coverage?
You will be permitted to elect another Company-sponsored group health plan provided to similarly-situated active employees for the duration of your COBRA coverage.
Covered by More Than One Plan
If I am covered by the Company's plan and another plan and lose coverage under the Company's plan, can I elect COBRA coverage?
Yes, you can elect coverage under COBRA if you lose coverage under the Company's plan due to a qualifying event.
Continuing COBRA with New Employer
Can I continue COBRA coverage even though my new employer offers coverage?
You cannot continue COBRA coverage if, after you have elected COBRA, your new employer offers coverage, unless the plan has a pre-existing condition, exclusion or limitation that affects you. (In that case, the Company has the right to terminate your COBRA coverage once your new employer's plan's conditions to coverage are satisfied.)