MMC Benefits Handbook
Family Member and Household Member Eligibility
Your family and household members can use the Family Resource Program. A family and household member is your:
  • domestic partner
  • child for whom you are the legal guardian
  • child of a domestic partner
  • legally adopted child
  • biological child
  • spouse
  • stepchild
  • any individual who currently resides with you.
  • any adult for whom you assume primary caregiving responsibilities (spouse, parent, grandparent).
For your child to be covered, your child must be:
  • dependent on you for maintenance and support,
  • unmarried, and
  • under 19 years of age, or
  • under 25 years of age if a full-time student in a college or other accredited institution (generally those with 12 or more accredited hours of course work per semester, or full-time as determined by the school) and not employed on a full-time basis.
The Company has the right to require documentation to verify the relationship (such as a copy of the court order appointing legal guardianship). Company medical coverage does not cover foster children or other children living with you, including your grandchildren, unless you are their legal guardian with full financial responsibility—that is, you or your spouse claims them as a dependent on your annual tax return.