MMC Benefits Handbook
When Coverage Starts and Ends
You are covered under this program on the later of your first day of employment or eligibility.
Coverage ends when the first of the following occurs:
  • the date you no longer meet the eligibility requirements
  • the date you terminate employment
  • the date of your death
  • the date the program is terminated.
Exception: If you are in treatment, your coverage will continue for 30 days. If you need to continue treatment, you can continue your coverage through COBRA.
A bereavement benefit is offered as a resource to survivors who reside in your household. When the household member calls EAP, the EAP counselor explains the bereavement benefit and provides grief counselor referrals in the local area. An authorization is activated that is effective for up to six months.
If you are eligible to participate in retiree medical coverage, not only your active employee medical coverage, but also your active EAP coverage will be continued through the end of the month in which you terminate.