MMC Benefits Handbook
If you do not Commence your Benefit by the April 1st Following the Calendar Year in which you Attain Age 70-1/2
If you do not commence monthly benefit payments by the April 1st following the calendar year in which you attain age 70-1/2 (even if you remain employed by the Company), your benefit will automatically commence on the April 1st of the calendar year in which you attain age 70-1/2.
Your benefit will be paid in the Plan's Normal Form (a 50% contingent annuity if you have a Spouse, or a single life annuity if you do not), based on your status on file. However, if you have an ORC Benefit and remain employed beyond the calendar year and the Plan does not have a record of your Spouse, your benefit will be paid in the form of a single life annuity. In the event that the Plan later determines that you had a Spouse on your Benefit Commencement Date or if you or a surviving Domestic Partner provide evidence that that you had a Domestic Partner on your Benefit Commencement Date, the Plan will retroactively change your form of payment to a 50% Contingent Annuity and the monthly benefit amount will be adjusted by the Plan's actuary.