MMC Benefits Handbook
Acquired Companies
You are an acquired company employee if you were employed by an acquired company on the date of acquisition. Employees of an acquired company initially become eligible to participate in the Plan no earlier than the specified dates established in the Plan.
If specified by the Plan, the pay used to determine Eligible Monthly Pay may include compensation credited during your period of employment with an acquired company prior to the date of acquisition.
If you were a participant in a merged plan, you will become a participant in this Plan as of the first day of the month of the merger into this Plan, unless the Company has specifically designated a different date for all participants of the merged plan to participate in this Plan.
If you are a participant of an acquired plan (other than Johnson & Higgins, Sedgwick and Organization Resources Counselors, Inc.) that merges into the Marsh & McLennan Companies Retirement Plan, your Benefit Service recognized under the acquired plan will be accepted as Benefit Service under the Marsh & McLennan Companies Retirement Plan.