MMC Benefits Handbook
Merged Plans
You will cease to be eligible to make contributions or receive Company matching contributions if you no longer work for a participating employer. Similarly, if you are receiving fixed Company contributions and cease to be employed by an eligible participating company (eligible participating companies include all MMC companies except Marsh & McLennan Agency LLC), you will cease to receive fixed Company contributions. If your account is transferred to the plan of a new employer in a spin-off or trust-to-trust transfer, you will not be entitled to receive a distribution solely as a result of the sale. You will be entitled to receive a distribution under the terms of the new plan to which your account has been transferred. If your account is not directly transferred in a spin-off or a trust-to-trust transfer to the new employer's plan, you generally will be entitled to receive a distribution from this Plan if you cease to work for the Company and any affiliated employers and satisfy any additional tax law requirements.