MMC Benefits Handbook
You are "Actively-At-Work" if for 90 days prior to and including the application date, you must (1) not have missed one or more days of work or been homebound or admitted to a medical facility due to injury or sickness, and (2) not have had any restrictions or limitations to the ability to work on a full time basis due to injury or sickness.
Benefit payment
The benefit payment is the amount stated in your individual disability insurance policy.
Claims Administrator
The Benefits Center
P.O. Box 100262
Columbia, SC 29202-3262
Phone: +1 888 226 7959 (Monday through Friday 8:00 am – 8:00 pm ET)
Fax: +1 866 562 4794
Coverage options
The Plan offers two coverage options: (1) maximum coverage option of 60% of monthly eligible insurable income to a maximum of $15,000 per month, (2) 50% of your maximum monthly Individual Disability Insurance benefit amount.
The calculation of the Individual Disability Insurance benefit payable to you upon a disability is automatically reduced by the value of benefits offered under the Marsh & McLennan Companies Basic Long Term Disability Plan (Basic LTD), Optional Long Term Disability Plan (Optional LTD) and Long Term Disability Bonus Income Plan (Bonus LTD), regardless of whether you participate in the Optional LTD and Bonus LTD plans.
Covered benefit amount
The covered benefit amount is the amount of benefit in force at the time of disability.
After the 180 day elimination period, you must be "totally" disabled in your occupation, which means you are unable to work in your occupation, not working in any other occupation and are under the care of a physician. Medical certification of disability is required and you must be under the regular case of a licensed physician who is qualified to treat your condition. You or your doctor may be asked periodically to provide proof of your continuing disability. You may be eligible for benefits if a mental health condition or substance abuse problem prevents you from performing your job. Consult your policy documents for details.
There is a two year maximum benefit for mental and substance abuse conditions, if not hospitalized.
Eligible Insurable Income
Eligible Insurable Income means:
  • A minimum annual base salary of $520,000 or more, and/or
  • Current year bonus compensation as defined by Marsh & McLennan Companies Long Term Disability Bonus Income Plan of $300,000 or more, and/or
  • Commissions of $10,000 or more as of December 31 of the previous year.
Elimination Period
The elimination period is the waiting period after you become disabled but before you can receive benefits. The Individual Disability Insurance elimination period is 180 days.
Medical underwriting
Medical underwriting requires that you answer a few questions related to being actively at work and recent hospitalizations. No medical history records will need to be submitted and no physician visit will be required.
Monthly benefit
The Plan pays a monthly benefit of 60% of your eligible insurable income subject to a maximum of $15,000.