MMC Benefits Handbook
Returning to Work Benefits
What is the Rehabilitation Benefit?
The Rehabilitation Benefit can help you regain your self-sufficiency as soon as possible. While you are disabled and receiving benefits, the Individual Disability Insurance Plan may pay rehabilitation expenses not covered by other benefits.
What is the Work Incentive Benefit?
The Work Incentive Benefit, a feature of the residual disability benefit, provides when you return to work on a part time basis, short-term monthly benefits during the first twelve months of a compensable residual disability. These short term incentive benefits are equal to the difference between your pre-disability earnings and your current earnings, for up to 100% income replacement subject to the maximum benefit amount.
What is the Residual Disability Benefit?
The Residual Disability Benefit is a benefit that pays when you come back to work but are still unable to perform some job duties and incur a loss of earnings of at least 20%.
What is a Recovery Benefit?
The Recovery Benefit provides a benefit for up to one year if you fully recover, return to full-time work in your occupation but you continue to lose earned income due to your prior disability. This benefit is paid while you re-establish your earnings base. The amount you are paid is based on the percentage of earnings you lose.
What happens to my Individual Disability Insurance benefit if I return to work part-time?
If you are able to return to work part-time and experience at least a 20% reduction of income due to your disability, a partial benefit will be paid in proportion to the reduction in your income.