MMC Benefits Handbook
Changing Coverage
Contact Unum at +1 800 733 7490 to change coverage.
Can I change my Individual Disability Insurance Plan coverage option?
You can decrease your coverage option or end coverage at any time during the year. However, if you decrease or cancel coverage, you cannot revert back to the original coverage level without medical underwriting.
Can I increase my Individual Disability Insurance benefit in future years?
Yes. You have the option of increasing your benefit amount as your eligible insurable income increases with no medical underwriting, up to the Guaranteed Standard Issue maximum coverage option benefit payable of $15,000 per month. Your premium will increase for the additional benefit amount, or you can choose not to have your Individual Disability Insurance benefit increased and your premium will remain the same. Notification of increases will generally take place on or about the time of each year's annual enrollment period and changes may occur each September 1. Your premium for your initial Individual Disability Insurance policy benefit will not increase. See "Will my cost change for Individual Disability Insurance coverage?" for more information.
Can I discontinue Individual Disability Insurance at any time?
Yes, you may terminate Individual Disability Insurance coverage at any time. Contact Unum to cancel your coverage.