MMC Benefits Handbook
You are "Actively-At-Work" if you are an employee classified on payroll as a US regular employee who is performing the usual duties of his/her job at the usual place of work as required by Marsh McLennan. You are considered Actively-At-Work while on Company approved vacations, holidays and regularly scheduled days off, or during temporary business closures. You are not considered Actively-At-Work if you are unable to perform your usual duties due to a sickness, accident or injury; or if you are on a leave of absence, a sabbatical or retired from the Company.
After Tax Deductions (Employee Contributions)
Deductions taken from your pay after Social Security (FICA and Medicare) and federal unemployment insurance (FUTA) taxes and other applicable federal, state and local taxes are withheld.
Certificate of Insurance
Upon enrollment in the plan, you will be mailed a Certificate of Insurance to your home outlining the policy and exclusions in more detail.
Claims Administrator
Provider that administers the Plan and processes claims; the provider's decisions are final and binding.
Net Loss
The sum actually paid or payable due to a claim for which the employee is liable either by a settlement agreed to by the Insurer or a final judgment. Such sums will include proper adjustment for recoveries and salvage.
Waiting Period/Elimination Period
The amount of time you must wait before being able to participate in a plan.