MMC Benefits Handbook
What are the Plan exclusions?
The Plan does not provide for personal injury and/or property damage for:
  • personal injury and/or property damage that is caused intentionally by the insured
  • personal injury and/or property damage that is caused through the ownership, use or maintenance of aircraft (excluding aircraft and crew chartered by the insured)
  • personal injury and/or damage arising from the ownership, use or maintenance of watercraft
  • personal injury and/or property damage:
    • arising from the use of a car or watercraft in any race (except a sailboat race)
    • resulting from any act or failure to act by any insured as a director or officer of an organization
    • arising from providing or failing to provide professional services
    • resulting from the insured's business activities or property (except for rental property you own, the use of a passenger car not used to carry persons for a fee, volunteer work for charity or incidental business activities generating less than $15,000 in gross annual revenues)
    • covered by a nuclear energy liability policy, or would have been covered by such a policy had the limit not been exceeded
    • arising out of a communicable sickness or disease by the insured
    • arising from a construction defect for a homeowner's condominium or cooperative association on which you serve
  • property damage to property owned by the insured, or property rented to, used by, occupied by or in the care, custody or control of the insured, to the extent that the insured has agreed in writing to provide insurance for this property
  • any obligation for which the insured may be held liable under any worker's compensation, non-occupational disability, unemployment compensation or similar law
  • sums which an insured is entitled to recover from the owner or operator of an uninsured motor vehicle
  • toxic mold.
The above is intended as a summary of the Plan exclusions; your Certificate of Insurance provides specific coverage and exclusion details.