MMC Benefits Handbook
How the Plan Works
This insurance covers you for personal injury and/or property damages to third parties, over and above the coverage that you may have through other insurance, including automobile and homeowner's insurance. These other policies are called primary insurance (meaning that these policies pay first), while the Personal Excess Liability coverage is activated only after the primary insurance is exhausted or used up. Personal Excess Liability coverage is generally purchased to provide limits over and above primary insurance and to potentially provide coverage where a coverage gap may exist.
Examples of situations this coverage could potentially address are:
  • serious auto and boat accidents
  • youthful driver claims
  • swimming pool accidents
  • "slip and fall" accidents on your property
  • snowmobile claims
  • service on a homeowner's condominium or cooperative association, if not for profit
  • service as a director or officer for a non-profit organization for which you do not receive any pay.
You may elect liability limits of $1M - $5M, $10M, $15M, $20M and $25M, which are in excess of your primary insurance liability policy limits. Premiums are payable through after-tax payroll deductions. Underwriting will be required for the coverage limit of $25M. Coverage automatically includes the Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist (UM/UIM) protection of $1M. UM/UIM coverage is available to purchase with $2M, $3M and $5M limits. You must maintain required underlying limits on your personal liability insurance. Provides worldwide protection.
Participants newly electing or increasing coverage at the $15M, $20M and $25M limit of liability will be required to have their underlining auto and home insurance through Chubb.