MMC Benefits Handbook
Assigning Your Benefit
Can I assign my benefit to someone else?
The plan permits absolute assignment by gift. Assignments are generally made to a spouse or an adult child, or a trustee of an executed trust agreement but it can be made to anyone. Any such assignment will irrevocably transfer the right, title, interest and incidents of ownership, both present and future, in such benefits.
To assign your benefit to an individual, complete a Gift Absolute Assignment to Individual Form; to assign your benefit to a trust, complete a "Transfer of Ownership" request form, available from MetLife's GVUL customer service representatives, which will allow you to complete the process for Gift Absolute Assignment to Trustees with Waivers and Consents. You will need to return the completed form to MetLife's GVUL Customer Service Department. To speak with a GVUL Customer Service Representative, please contact MetLife GVUL Customer Service at +1 800 756 0124, Monday – Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m. Eastern time.
The Claim Administrator must consent to your assignment in order for it to become effective.
Assignment of benefits may involve federal and state income, gift and estate tax questions. Legal advice from an attorney prior to making an assignment is recommended.