MMC Benefits Handbook
Pre-existing Conditions and Coverage Information
Keeping Same Benefit
Does HIPAA guarantee that I will receive the same benefits I had under the old plan?
No. When you change from one plan to another, you will receive the benefits provided under the new plan.
Keeping My Doctor
Does HIPAA let me keep my doctor who is currently treating me for my pre-existing condition?
You may be able to keep the same doctor; however, it depends on the benefits and the provider network offered under your new plan. HIPAA does not require that your same doctor continue to treat you.
Pre-existing Condition Exclusions
Does a pre-existing condition exclusion apply to me?
The Company medical plan does not have a pre-existing condition exclusion.
A pre-existing condition is a medical condition present before your enrollment date.
Genetic information may not be treated as a pre-existing condition in the absence of a diagnosis.
Plans Covered under HIPAA
What plans are covered under HIPAA?
HIPAA covers:
  • Medical.
Limited-scope dental or vision plans, nursing home care, home health care, community-based care and other similar limited benefits are not covered under HIPAA.