MMC Benefits Handbook
Services Provided
  • One-on-one counseling session with an Ayco counselor to review your family's financial position, establish objectives and priorities and assist as the participant makes prudent decisions. The topics covered include: estate settlement, income tax planning, Social Security, investment planning, employee benefits, insurance planning, cash flow analysis, education funding, retirement planning and estate planning.
  • Written Personalized Financial Plan summarizing the topics discussed and prioritizing issues requiring immediate and future attention. In addition to the written summary, you will also receive appropriate personalized financial exhibits, such as a Summary of Assets and Expenses, Cash Flow Overview, Income Tax Projection and Current Asset Allocation Mix. These recap materials focus on planning priorities and specific planning topics to act upon.
  • Six months of ongoing pro-active assistance for help in implementing the financial plan to address issues as they arise or as new information becomes available. Ayco counselors make at least one outbound contact per month during the 6-month duration of the service for ongoing support and assistance with implementation.
  • Access to the Ayco's Interactive website, which allows service participants and the Ayco financial counseling team to collaborate through secure sharing of documents.
What if I am already working with a financial planner?
The Ayco SurvivorSupport® Service is designed to coordinate – not replace the efforts of your company's Human Resources personnel or other professionals already in place. The Ayco counselor will work with these individuals to help you as you make decisions.
Can I have others present during the one-on-one counseling session?
Yes. You can have others present during your meeting with the Ayco SurvivorSupport® Service counselor.
What can I expect from the SurvivorSupport® counselors?
The service is delivered by Ayco counselors who are sensitive to the emotional and financial impact of the situation at hand. In addition to regular ongoing technical training, counselors also receive specific bereavement training.
Will Ayco's SurvivorSupport® Financial Counseling Service counselors try to sell me anything?
Ayco's SurvivorSupport® Financial Counseling Service financial counselors are not commissioned salespeople. Your counselor's objective is to provide you with professional financial education and guidance as it pertains to your individual planning needs.