MMC Benefits Handbook
Services Provided
MSK Direct provides direct access to a dedicated team of specialists at MSK to guide you through your cancer journey. The team includes oncology certified nurses, social workers and MSK Direct Care Advisors who guide you through the cancer treatment process every step of the way.
The MSK Direct team can help by:
  • Scheduling an expediated initial appointment at MSK.
  • Gathering necessary medical records for the first appointment at MSK.
  • Answer general questions about cancer treatment and the cancer treatment process throughout your cancer journey, with navigational support from oncology-certified nurses.
  • Facilitating virtual services for those who are unable to travel to MSK.
  • Recommending a local facility if you live far from MSK and prefer to be treated closer to home.
If you are unable to travel for care or do not use an MSK facility, MSK Direct can provide:
  • A referral for a local provider outside of MSK. Currently, referrals are based on two factors: (1) whether there are providers in your area who are trained at MSK and (2) whether there are any Alliance of Dedicated Cancer Centers (ADCC) or National Cancer Institute (NCI) Comprehensive Cancer Centers available in your area. Taking these factors into consideration, a referral is provided to one or multiple facilities in the area or to the ADCC or NCI Comprehensive Cancer Center. MSK Direct may incorporate additional factors for consideration in the future.
When should I contact MSK Direct?
Call MSK Direct if you or an eligible family member:
  • Are diagnosed with cancer and would like to explore options for treatment at MSK.
  • Receive results from a medical test or exam that indicate a suspicion of cancer and would like to explore options for treatment at MSK.
  • Would like a second opinion from MSK on a cancer diagnosis or care plan from another facility.
  • Are in cancer treatment elsewhere and would like to consult with an MSK specialist about possible options.
Do I have to use this program?
No. Participation is completely voluntary.
Do I have to go to MSK for cancer care?
No. The services provided by MSK Direct are available to you as an option should you or an eligible family member need cancer care. The decision on where to go for care is always your decision.