MMC Benefits Handbook
When Coverage Ends
Coverage ends when the first one of the following occurs:
  • the date of your death
  • the date the program is terminated
  • the date you no longer meet the eligibility requirements
  • the date you discontinue coverage
  • the date you terminate your employment
  • the last date you've paid contributions if you do not make the required contributions.
You can continue coverage on a group basis if you terminate your employment.
Can I continue coverage on a group basis when my employment terminates?
Yes, you can continue coverage on a group basis when your employment terminates, provided you continue to make the required contributions directly to Allstate Identity Protection through direct billing. Please make sure to contact Allstate Identity Protection within 90 days of your employment terminating to set up direct billing, otherwise your record is expunged, and the discount no longer applies.
If I choose to continue coverage on a group basis, are post-employment contribution rates higher than employee rates?
No, post-employment contribution rates are not higher than employee rates.