MMC Benefits Handbook
Responsibility for Investment Decisions and Performance
You are responsible for your investment choices and the investment results of those choices.
The MMA 401(k) Savings & Investment Plan follows Section 404(c) of ERISA and related regulations, which establish guidelines for participants to exercise control over the investment of their accounts. Section 404(c) of ERISA provides that the Plan's fiduciaries (including the Benefits Investment Committee, the Administrative Committee and the Plan Administrator) are not responsible for any losses resulting from your decisions to invest (or not invest) in particular investment funds (including any investments in the MMC Stock Fund), provided that the Plan's fiduciaries have complied with Section 404(c). This means that the Benefits Investment Committee must have selected a broad range of investment funds and that these fiduciaries must provide or make available certain information about the available investment choices. The investment fund fact sheets and the current prospectus (or offering statement) referenced on the fund fact sheet for each fund for which it is available, contain much of that information, including: the investment fund's investment strategy, any annual operating expenses or fees associated with an investment in the fund, unit or share values and past investment performance. Copies of these materials may be obtained from the investment fund's manager as noted on the fund fact sheet. In addition, copies of these materials are maintained online. If you are an active employee, go to Colleague Connect ( Select Pay & Benefits, and click My Pay & Benefits, select Transamerica under Savings & Financial Planning; then click Investments and select Fund and Fee Information. If you are a terminated employee, go to and select Transamerica; then click Investments and select Fund and Fee Information. If you are unable to access the information you need in the preceding manner, you may contact the Plan Administrator for hard copies. Certain additional information is also available on request.
You are not required to participate in the Plan and it is your decision whether or not to save money for long-term goals (such as retirement) through the Plan or in some other way.
No one investment or mix of investments is appropriate for everyone. Your investment choices may depend on many personal factors such as:
  • your risk tolerance.
  • the number of years until you plan to retire.
  • your life expectancy.
  • whether you need to provide for a spouse or other dependents while you are alive and after you die.
  • other assets owned by you and/or your spouse and how they are invested.
You may wish to consult a personal investment or financial adviser to help you make your investment decisions. In addition, there are independent services and publications that provide ratings and other asset and return information about stocks and mutual funds that may be helpful to you in making your decisions under the Plan. For example, some periodicals, such as Forbes and Consumer Reports, also rate mutual funds. (Of course, you should never make an investment decision solely in reliance upon these ratings.) You should also remember, in making your investment decisions, that past investment return is no guarantee of future performance. No Plan fiduciary is authorized to provide you with investment advice or recommend the most appropriate investment choice(s) for you. In addition, any investment information furnished to you by the Plan, and any references in this summary to periodicals or other publications, are solely for your convenience and are not intended to constitute investment advice from the Plan or any Plan fiduciary.