MMC Benefits Handbook
Investing Your Account Balance
You can direct future contributions (before-tax, Roth 401(k) and traditional after-tax employee contributions, catch-up and Roth catch-up contributions, and Company matching contributions) into one or more of the investment funds offered under the Plan. Your investment directions for Company matching contributions can be different from your investment directions for your employee contributions.
If you make a rollover contribution from a previous employer's tax-qualified plan, you also may invest that portion in one or more of the investment funds offered under the Plan.
To obtain a prospectus, offering statement, if applicable for the fund, fund fact sheet or Investment Return Fact Sheet, as an active employee, go to Colleague Connect ( Select Pay & Benefits, and click My Pay & Benefits, select Transamerica under Savings & Financial Planning. You can also call HR Services at +1 866 374 2662. If you make no election, your contributions will be invested in one of the BlackRock LifePath Index Funds (the BlackRock LifePath Index Fund that most closely matches your retirement year – based on the Plan's normal retirement age of 65). Generally, you may transfer or reallocate your account balance to new funds at any time.