MMC Benefits Handbook
Rehabilitation Benefits
What is the rehabilitative program?
The rehabilitative program is any gainful occupation or employment for wage or profit, provided such employment is performed during a period in which you are unable to fully perform your regular employment with the Company.
What effect does the rehabilitative program have on my benefits under this Plan?
The Long Term Disability Bonus Income Plan's disability benefits are not reduced by the rehabilitative program. Only the Basic Long Term Disability Plan's disability benefits are reduced by the amounts earned under the rehabilitative program.
Am I eligible for the Rehabilitative program benefits?
If you are receiving Basic Long Term Disability Plan benefits, you are eligible to participate in the rehabilitative program. The rehabilitative program is designed to meet your specific disability needs, and the Claims Administrator and your physician have to approve your participation in the rehabilitative program.
Is there a penalty for not participating in the rehabilitative program?
There is no penalty if you don't participate in the rehabilitative program.