MMC Benefits Handbook
Filing a Claim
The Claims Administrator will notify you if paperwork is needed to initiate a Long Term Disability Bonus Income Plan claim. Any required paperwork will be sent to your home address.
The documentation typically required includes:
  • an Authorization Form to release your medical information
  • an Integration Acknowledgement Form which advises you about the integration of other income benefits with this Plan and requires you to agree to reimburse the Company if an overpayment occurs
  • additional paperwork as needed.
You must timely complete all requested documentation to receive Long Term Disability Bonus Income Plan benefits.
How do I file a claim?
After you have been on Short Term Disability for four months and it is anticipated that you may be eligible for Long Term Disability Bonus Income coverage, any additional paperwork needed will be requested directly to your home address. You must complete all requested documentation to receive long term disability bonus income benefits.
Who decides if I am eligible to receive a disability benefit payment?
The Claims Administrator has full discretion and authority to determine eligibility to receive benefit payment under the Plan. The Plan Administrator determines any claims concerning whether you are eligible for coverage under the Plan or whether you properly enrolled in the Plan. Please see the Administrative Information Section for more information.
How do I appeal a benefit determination or denied claim?
The Administrative Information Section describes special rules, procedures and deadlines that apply to appeals of benefit determinations and denied claims, and your special legal rights under ERISA.